Maki Sports Travel

Maki Sports Travel


Gotzingerstrasse 8 81373 München

Do you know that feeling – coming back from a day full of sports, fresh air and action? Your face is glowing, your dinner is just more delicious than usual and in your belly you feel this blissful tingle of happiness!

We think everyone should have this feeling much more often! This feeling of flow and pure happiness!

Flow – this state where everything seems to go hand in hand. Scientists discovered its physics while observing musicians and extreme athletes when they perform at their best. Sure these are experts, but everyone is able to experience it. Do you know that feeling? Do you want more of it? Scientists describe it as a performance of high focus and great emotional feelings due to a hormone cocktail that our brain releases.

How do you get there? By challenging yourself, full focus and by trying to figure out – where – if anywhere – our limits lie!

Be part of our journey to figure this out and book a trip with us!

We are a fresh Munich based company aiming to enable personal experiences through sport challenges. Follow us and see us and our business idea evolving!

MAKI – My key to happiness!

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