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Blütenstr. 15 80799 München

Ideas are born in one mind, but execution needs cohorts. We believe that by surrounding yourself with like minded and motivated individuals, you can´t help but turn your ideas into succesful real-world projects, fast. The atmosphere will affect you, and, likewise, you will affect the atmosphere around you. Imagine what is possible when you put the best of the best in one room!

At Neuland, we build the workplace of the future: open communication, free flow of information and co-creation amongst driven and skilled people. Those are our core principles. But Neuland ist not for everyone. In fact, we don´t just want anyone… We want young and driven entrepreneurs who love what they do, strive to improve one percent every day and go the extra mile to shape the future. We want to put Munich´s brightest minds into one office and create a surrounding of mutual trust and respect, where cooperation comes natural and work seems like play!

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