Thermosome GmbH

Thermosome GmbH


IZB Am Klopferspitz 19 82152 Planegg/Martinsried

Thermosome is developing drug candidates leveraging its proprietary drug delivery technology, which exploits a novel Mechanism of Action called intravascular drug release.

It is Thermosome’s goal to utilize its proprietary platform technology and know-how for the development of improved therapeutics that create significant value to patients. The firm’s technology platform is tailored for treating localized diseases in which the activity of traditional systemically administered drugs is limited due to insufficient drug delivery into the target tissue and/or effective dosing is hindered by systemic side effects.

While being applicable in various therapeutic areas, Thermosome’s proprietary drug development activities focus on cancer patients with locally-advanced solid tumors. Here, Thermosome’s aim is either to improve antitumor responses in neoadjuvant treatment concepts or to allow long-term application for unresectable tumors.

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