Volkswagen Data:Lab

Volkswagen Data:Lab


Ungererstr. 69 80805 München

The Volkswagen Data:Lab is a future oriented, data-driven innovation hotspot for the Volkswagen Group brands, markets and business departments. It is building Use Cases across the whole automotive value chain in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Connectivity and Internet of Things. As a technology scout and think tank it showcases what may be possible. The goal is to leverage the value of Big Data, Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Volkswagen Group through innovative prototyping. An experienced internal team of specialized Data Scientists closely collaborates with external partners. Our extensive innovation network consists of Group internal teams, experts from leading technology providers, research facilities and universities as well as carefully selected technology Startups from all over the world.

The Startup Collaboration Space of the Volkswagen Data:Lab in Munich supports innovative Startups in areas such as but not limited to Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing), Advanced Analytics, Smart Enterprise and any other technology related to the automotive value chain. The carefully selected Startups will get many opportunities to connect with the brands, markets and business departments of Volkswagen Group.
We are excited getting to know Startups of any stage with an innovative technology to advance Volkswagen’s capabilities in the mentioned technology areas related to Automotive. If your Startup can make an impact in these areas, we look forward to your application.

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