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Society3's Grand Pitch Competition 2016

Society3’s Grand Pitch Competition 2016


6. Dezember
18:00 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr



Central Europes Most Innovative Entrepreneurs Compete in Silicon Valley Style Pitch Event

Society3’s entrepreneurs are set to be some of the best startups with the biggest potential to grow a global business. This ‚Grand Pitch Competition‘ is for startups from all over Central Europe competing for the attention of the most pristine angel groups in Central Europe and to get onto the Society3 Accelerator in January.

You will see some of the best Central European companies competing in public for investment rounds in a Silicon Valley Style pitch event. A jury of investors, former entrepreneurs and executives will select the best Entrepreneurs. And also the audience will vote online with a real time voting application using SMS or Twitter.

Investor support
Expect over 30 Investors to engage with.

Innovation with a business focus
Presentations are focused on the business side, go-to-market strategy and long term international success. You won’t see technical presentations or engineers presenting their application.

Contest Preparation
Prior to this event we will provide participating companies a free pitch training and coaching, very much like we do in San Francisco. The event is co-organized by several angel groups. Companies compete for their next round of funding.

Contest & Jury

  • A judges board of entrepreneurs and investors will vote and also the audience and can vote in real time
  • The vote of the audience is valued equal to the votes of all judges
  • Winner is the sum of the judges and audience votes

What are the key criteria (in this order)

  • 1 = Team – How compelling is the founders team
  • 2 = Idea – The potential of the business idea
  • 3 = Growth – How attractive is the go-to-market strategy
  • 4 = Pitch – How good are presentation and communication skill

Votes go from 1 – 4

  • 1 = Interesting idea but still a lot to work on
  • 2 = OK presentation but some specific things need improvements
  • 3 = Great idea, interesting approach just a few things to improve
  • 4 = Excellent, great chance to get funded, investor interview awaiting

Hier findet Ihr mehr Informationen zu der Veranstaltung und die Möglichkeit Euch für einen Pitch zu bewerben


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