PublicBI UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Schmellerstrasse 6 80337 München

On a mission to improve lives with Business Intelligence, with a vision to empower general public worldwide with Information and Insight, a goal to build Public Data Warehouse using publicly available, non-personal, non-confidential, non-sensitive, free/pay for commercial use data. Public Data Warehouse could become the world’s best and biggest Data Warehouse. To fund the project PublicBI will also provide training, consulting, BI Job portal ( and recruitment services in Business Intelligence. PublicBI will also promote the concept of IBI (Individual Business Intelligence) and the agile KABI methodology also created by Anoop Kumar V K . At first Public Data Warehouse was a vision, then it became a blog article, turned into a project and now the company PublicBI UG has been setup in Munich to focus on the Public Data Warehouse project. Many companies offer different services and products and they collect data about their products, services, events and customers to improve business. PublicBI is different, it will first collect data, and integrate it in a Data Warehouse and then provide a reporting portal via for general public to access it. Everyone who has just an internet browser and internet connection should be able to use it. To know more about the uses of Public Data Warehouse please check PublicBI website.

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