scoo mobility GmbH

scoo mobility GmbH


Friedrichshafenerstr. 1 82205 Gilching

Mobility is a basic need and an important accelerator for modern societies. Metropolitan areas worldwide are witnessing explosive growth, and citizens‘ mobility needs are increasing at a similar pace. Parking space is a scarce commodity, and high traffic rates are a burden on both urban inhabitants and the environment.

While a huge number of service providers are committed to the collaborative utilisation of cars and bicycles, motorbikes for the most part are continuously subject to more conventional conditions of use. scoo mobility is the first free-floating scooter sharing provider that leverages electric and motor scooters to close the enormous gap left among cars, bicycles, and public transport. It thus offers smart metropolises a fast, considerably lower-priced, environmentally friendly, trend-setting mobility concept that saves space and eliminates the need to find parking.

Our target group includes lifestyle- and experience-oriented, yet environmentally conscious people who are possession of a smartphone and a valid driving licence and live in cities with populations greater than half a million.

We focus on digital product and usage innovation, starting from registration (including driving licences) and continuing with the usage of our service (through apps). We are a fully mobile-enabled service provider that offers the world’s first keyless scooter service with an embedded This telematics solution includes GPS and GPRS communication, and we are also developing and using GPS-based traffic prediction and modelling services based on usage in order to predict future mobility behaviour.

With one of our scooters, you will get through your city faster than by car, always find a parking space, and be more comfortable than on a bike, bus, or train. Our free-floating model enables you to rent available vehicles and park them wherever you like. And thanks to the keyless technology we have developed, renting and parking is faster than taking an ordered taxi.

Based on a fleet of scooters embedded with our in-house software and telematics hardware, we provide satellite-based GPS localisation and monitoring; motion data recording; and control, evaluation, and invoicing of scooter rides within a free-floating sharing model. Our GPS localisation modules and an internet-based telematics platform enable us to maintain an overview of all our vehicles. This GPS technology is suitable not only for scooters, but also for vehicles and mobile objects of any kind (such as motorbikes).

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