CTO & co-founder for EdTech startup!

Join Codum as technical co-founder

Self-teaching to code is frustrating and lonely. Let's bring elearning to the next level and provide learners with the ecosystem and tools to achieve their goals self-directed, efficiently and with a peer!

Codum is looking for someone with:
• Experience as a Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer
• Experience in the architecture and construction of platform solutions: 
Fullstack development, Data infrastructure, DevOps
• Skills: Python, Flask, Node, Redux, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes 

Wow if this:
• Experience in the EdTech industry is a big plus.
• Experience in development and integration of cybersecurity and GDPR measures.
• Previous entrepreneurial or startup experience.
• Interest in web3.0 platforms.

If this is you - hit me up and let's make this grande together!

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Connecting aspiring coders and enable them to curate and find curated learning paths.

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