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Business Development Manager - Munich (d/f/m)

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We have shipped our first version of AwesomeQA - a B2B SaaS app for web3 communities and our first step in redefining how to manage, support and grow product communities. Read more about what we're up to here: https://awesome-qa.notion.site/Join-us-a715fac3f9a84730858578b8a22887f6

Now we want to pick up steam and need your help.


As Business Development Manager at AwesomeQA, you will work operationally (closely with the founding team) on our most strategic topics as well as owning our sales pipeline. Hence, you will shape the strategic direction of our business, including customer groups, markets, product offerings.


Performance objectives

  • Take full ownership to develop and maintain a filled pipeline built supported by marketing, partners and your relationship network.
  • Own and drive our Business Development activities, as they are the basis to scale AwesomeQA.
  • Build a deep understanding of the customer and the buyer’s journey, their current solution, pains, competitive landscape, industry trends and understand their decision-making processes and criteria.
  • Take ownership of strategically significant projects from idea generation to prototyping to operational execution and iteration.
  • Regularly exchange with industry experts to understand the direction the industry is heading to and map these insights on our strategy.
  • Represent AwesomeQA at major web3 conferences.
  • Own the partnerships with adjacent products.


No crypto or Web3 experience? No problem!

We’ll help coach you and cover any costs for educational materials for your growth.


What we promise

  • We greatly value psychological safety and honest feedback. We always expect you to speak up and share your ideas about what we can improve within the company, and take these views to heart.
  • We do routine 1:1's with your team lead, retrospectives, and insight hours to make sure we are constantly getting better at what we do all while fostering employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • Personal development is something strongly encouraged by AwesomeQA, so there are no fixed budgets when it comes to things that will foster your personal growth (education, trainings, conferences etc.), just ask and we usually say yes!
  • We offer a flexible working environment, we appreciate everyone's time and preferred ideal setup in terms of working hours.
  • We're excited to build the operating system for communities - and we want you to be too. That's why all full-time employees receive strong and fair stock option packages. We also support you in finding your perfect set-up.


About AwesomeQA

AwesomeQA is the leading customer support solution for web3 communities with 54+ customers such as Aave, Dune, Scroll, and Rarible. Our solution aggregates user questions from all channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) and provides automated responses wherever possible. Additionally, we are providing the businesses with product feedback and engagement insights.

We have raised our seed round from top VCs and Angels.

Read more about our story and the founders of AwesomeQA, Alex and Korbi: https://awesome-qa.notion.site/Story-Founders-620831f1f56a443b8ae61717874066a3


How to apply

If you want to join AwesomeQA to revolutionize community management and you consider yourself a fit for this position, please reach out to us via hi@awesomeqa.xyz

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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Unbrained GmbH

AwesomeQA is the leading customer support solution for communities with clients such as Aave, Dune, Poap, Rarible and many more. Our solution aggregates user questions from all channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) and provides automated responses.

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