Healthy Co-Founder - Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer

Flveo is developing robotic cooking machines to lower costs of healthy meals & improve availability and accessibility of healthy meals. 

Education mainly reaches those with specific interest/motivation in nutrition. Even then, the hurdles are high to consistently follow a balanced & healthy diet. 

So instead of working on another app to suggest people what to eat, how about we put it right in front of them?
Fresh, healthy meals quickly, conveniently and affordably available throughout the entire day. Literally making healthy meals the far more attractive choice. 

Flveo is part of the SCE Acceleration Program Batch 10, starting in September and offers:
- An Office
- Vision & value based work environment (It's all about improving health of countless people)
- Funds to build the Prototype & MVP, enter the market
- Promising business concept
- Fair equity split
- Challenging yet enjoyable work environment

Flveo Logo


Automating the cooking process to improve availability & affordability of healthy meals, to improve people's nutrition habits & lives.