Web / app developer wanted as CTO

Hey YOU!


I'm looking for you, a co founder who is highly motivated to built up a startup with me.


I myself come from a creative environment and would take on the role of CEO and CPO.


So it would be great if I could win you as CTO.


Shortly about the idea: I would like to start a social networking app that will initially be displayed locally, starting with big german speaking countries and within the next few years internationally. Roughly broken down, I want to help people to find real friendships, especially in times like these the loneliness is huge - I want to change that!


I have been working on the product and business plan for months and am currently also in pre-start-up coaching to get some more knowledge about the economic parts.


What is important to me?


I want you to be just as motivated and convinced as I am. Please be full of energy and also bring some cool ideas.

Just text me and lets meet in a zoom.

I look forward to reading from you!




Ach und auf deutsch geht natütlich auch!

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