(Business) Founder looking for (technical?) Co-founder


I am a founder with business background (10yrs of strategy consulting, 5yrs PhD, founded before) and would like to start a new (ad)venture.

Looking for a(n ideally) technical co-founder from Munich who has some technical and/or domain expertise and solid professional as well as methodological background. 

I am still at the ideating phase with some little unfair advantage in
- Space Tech
- Energy
- Mobility
but am generally open to most domains as long as we can make create something purposeful, value creating with some competitive advantage around a technology. 

N.B.: I am NOT looking to build the 100s market place or remotely helpful AI tool for something so we need to think about whats really useful and would make a difference.

Looking forward to hearing form you with a quick intro!

Business founder looking for (technical?) co-founder

Dr. Christian Burmeister