Test Automation Tool

We work with enterprises like BMW, Amazon, Vodafone, and others where we help them implement a complete test automation framework for their team, enable efficient collaboration between Dev and Ops teams and facilitate and optimize the whole software delivery process. We do this through a combination of tools and a highly experienced team with an average of 10+ years of experience in enterprise test automation.

The tool - CAST - Complete Automated System Test, is an Eclipse/IntelliJ plugin, that anyone can use to created automated test cases. We focus on the democratization of testing where the idea is for Non-technical users to be able to create these automated test cases, not just test automation experts.

Seamless integration - Test cases can be pushed through the CI/CD pipeline so that they will be able to run automatically every time you have a new software release. 

So, is software testing an important topic right now for you guys? IF yes, we can then schedule a deeper dive on this, to see how you guys operate and how we can best help you.



Testifi offers cutting edge test automation tools and services to massively speed up the process of large-scale software delivery in enterprise applications.