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Open Banking API Engineering

Core responsibilities

  • Research national and international securities API standards, as well as bank-specific securities APIs.
  • For bank-specific APIs, evaluate them in their respective sandbox environment, then implement them as new modules for our securities aggregation API (SecAPI).
  • For API standards applicable across many banks in a certain country or region, research reference implementations and possibly implement a framework to be plugged in to the SecAPI.
  • Collaborate in international API standardization committees Divizend is a member of, such as the OpenWealth Association.


  • Strong experience in programming with different APIs and a strong desire to research, evaluate, test, integrate and find a common abstraction between new APIs
  • Good communication skills for collaborating in committees like OpenWealth
  • Experience in Open Banking APIs (PSD2, FinTS, bank-specific APIs) is a plus

Apply via email to careers@divizend.com

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