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Software Developer (m/f/x) Backend

At Parkdepot we are on the journey of becoming the leading parking platform in Europe!
As a Backend Developer (m/f/x) you work on algorithms, database structure and create new micro-services for our products. You will work on new features, test and deploy them once they are ready. You have an active role and you will need to understand the entire business logic. Therefore you will need to talk to other departments and ensure a close collaboration.
  • You work on a dedicated product and also decide with the team which features to ship next
  • You contribute to the creation of internal team engineering standards (it's important to us to have a clean code base and to have a focus on industry standards)
  • You identify, document, and communicate technical improvements within the team
How we work:

  • We use Serverless Python functions for our Microservices
  • We use GPU enhanced microcontrollers to run our Deeplearning models on the edge and send the data to our cloud
  • We are agile and you will take a great part in shaping our engineering standards. You will be highly involved in how the software architecture will be designed and how future features can be released
  • We have a “you built it, you run it” attitude and CI/CD is our second nature - we use AWS, Docker, GitLab, and whatever you need additionally to implement it
  • Minimum 2 years of software development experience using Python (knowing JS/Typescript as-well would be a plus)
  • You have experience with relational databases (Postgres, Mysql…) and have preferably build a system with an SQL database yourself
  • You have experience in setting up a CI/CD testing pipeline to assure high product quality
  • Experience with event-driven architectures, domain-driven design and eventual consistency
  • Experience with containerisation (Docker)
  • Strong written and spoken English on C1 level
What motivation and mentality you should bring:

  • We want to build the leading parking platform in Europe - You should bring passion for making the lives of our users easier
  • We are fast and committed to winning - So be prepared to bring your agile mindset to the table because “the only easy day was yesterday”
  • Embrace feedback - no one is perfect, neither are we. So let’s make this an opportunity to praise and learn from each other
  • Proactive problem solver. You are willing to leave code and engineering practices in better shape than when you first encountered them
  • Let’s grow together - share your knowledge, we will share ours
  • Humor. Have fun with us, learn with us from mistakes and bring your good vibes
  • You will never find another team more motivated. Everyone of us is in this to big something extraordinary
  • Highly motivated team with super smart people in a well funded early-stage startup
  • We double in size (people) and revenue every 3-6 months - join us and take part in an incredible journey
  • We are super international - we have employees from all over the world.
  • Your chance to play a decisive role in shaping a company in its rapid growth while growing yourself and others
  • Our career support and learning environment will enable you to explore our clear career path for Backend Engineers
  • A Macbook Pro 16 or equivalent
  • A creative working environment and short decision-making paths. Hierarchy and processes as much as necessary - but not more!
  • Full responsibility for your tasks and area
  • Stylish and open office in Munich - with free coffee (we have a coffee roastery next door)
Being at Parkdepot means being part of something big. It means shaping the future of Parking Lots, the future of our company and at the very same time: your own. As one of the fastest-growing B2B companies in Europe, we have a great product, an amazing team with more than 70 employees and a market that is only waiting to be developed. By now we already have customers all over Germany, but we aim high: Our goal is to build the leading Parking platform in Europe. At Parkdepot, we believe in hiring people like you - ambitious, forward-thinkers who want to be more than just another employee. Will you be one of them?
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Teil Parkdepots zu sein bedeutet ein Teil von etwas Großem zu werden. Wir bewirtschaften Parkflächen in ganz Deutschland, doch das ist für uns erst der Anfang: Unser Ziel ist es, die führende Parking-Plattform in Europa aufzubauen.