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everskill GmbH

Built upon scientific research and numerous years of experience in professional training, we developed an innovative software taking learning & development to the next level.

With our holistic, 6-week transformation program, we translate training content into practical behaviors, embed these behaviors into employees‘ daily work and motivate them to change.

The program is centered around mobile and desktop apps. It combines innovative features enabling participants to put good intentions into action:
-We translate training content into concrete behaviors that are relevant for employees’ daily work
-We enable participants to choose the behaviors that fit their goals and job needs best
-We provide targeted reminders to embed the behaviors in daily work life
-We motivate users for change by combining an interactive community, everskill expert support and specific gamification features

Overall, our transformation program makes sure that soft skill trainings have a sustainable impact. After a traditional training only 6-10% of content makes it to daily work. The everskill solution supports the learning transfer and increases achievement levels to around 60%.


everskill GmbH
Sandstraße 3
80335 München


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