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Municorn Talkes, Tina Holtz

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Municorn Talks

If you’re currently thinking about founding a company on your own or just have a general interest in entrepreneurial topics, Municorn Talks (previously known as „Unglaublich Unternehmerisch“) is just the right event for you.

„Municorn Talks“ is a unique series on Entrepreneurship for people from any discipline that are interested in founding. Take the chance to meet successful founders and be inspired by their journey!

The event will be held three times each semester. At each session, two startups from Munich will present their idea in a pitch. This time amplitude and Bluedot will tell us about their concepts.

After the founders of Flixbus, Foodora, GMX, MyDays, Dean & David, and many more, once again, two top guest speakers will share their inspiring stories with you! Apart from first-hand experience about the startup world, they will provide you with insights about the initial phase of their businesses and details on how they managed to become successful. This time Tina Holtz , Head of Marketing & Communications of Inveox will share her inspiring stories with you!

The pitches will be followed by a panel discussion „Never have I ever“, which is going to be moderated by Anna Maletz (LMU Entrepreneurship Center).

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15. Januar 2020
19:00 Uhr - 20:30 Uhr