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Online: Coronathon- Business Hackathon Against Corona
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Online: Coronathon – Business Hackathon Against Corona

Challenges in times of Corona

Supply chains are failing, business continuity is under stress, and your employees are feeling lost and demotivated. These are the normal days of the Corona crisis. Every business is facing new challenges as the economy shatters.

Call for Coronathon participants – join us

You have a technical, business skill, deep domain expertise in supply chain or marketing. We want to invite you to our Coronathon – a business hackathon against Corona. We will bring you in touch with business owners and help you solve their problems:

Our goal is that the challenge is solved, first as a demo – and later, in production. We want to help you get your first customer, first investment, start your first company. This is what sets us apart from other hackathons – which are plenty these days.

We follow a few key principles that help us stand apart:

Get challenges from those who experience them – not the developers
Define requirements & put together teams
Assign 2 mentors per team to build relationships
Give participants time & context

Participation is free for all sides – and purely community-driven. We hope this will help you build products that solve a real business need in the Corona crisis.

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9. April : 20:00 Uhr
12. April : 18:00 Uhr