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Startup Grind: Future of health and wellbeing

Startup Grind: Future of health and wellbeing – perspectives from a community builder, a founder and an investor

„FitTech is the new religion“
Join us for our next panel / fireside chat discussing the future trends around fitness technology, digital health & active lifestyle. Our attendees will get mind-blowing insights of the emerging industry from multiple perspectives.

Our guest speakers come from:
• the innovation and community building ecosystem: Natalia Karbasova, Head of Burda Bootcamp, Founder of FitTech Summit
• the investment side: Thomas Kulcsar, Investment Manager at Burda Principal Investments (London office), focusing on FitTech opportunities
• the entrepreneurial side: Stephan Hauner, Co-Founder & CEO of Mindshine
• and the operator side: Dr. med. Dominik Pförringer, Orthopedic & Trauma surgeon | Healthcare Consultant & Advisor | Digital Health Research

Will AI coaches beat humans? Will smart clothes replace human muscles? How data tracking will be used to empower humans, change unhealthy habits, customise and personalise diets for each individual? What about DNA-based food?

Let’s tackle these questions and many more at our event on Tuesday November 12, starting at 7pm, at Burda Principal Investments.

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12. November 2019
19:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr


Startup Grind
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