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Online: FitTech Summit V – Tech or Die!

The digital edition of the FitTech Summit is coming to town, again! Join us on November 8/9 2021 to learn how cutting-edge technology is changing the world of fitness & health, from smart apparel to female health and a new wave of home fitness. We believe that the industry needs to embrace tech now – or die out!

Topics of virtual Fitech Summit V: Big Tech, Interfaces and AI

“We will not only look at existing successful solutions, but will also imagine a world of the future in which every aspect of human health and performance is augmented by software and hardware”, says Natalia Karbasova, CEO FitTech Company.

More than 20 global visionaries will discuss in ten panels why technology is more important than ever to make humanity healthy, again, in these tracks:

1. Big Tech Attack: How will tech giants or major tech innovations from other industries impact the fitness & health world? #bighealth #blockchain #fintech

2. The Interface Race: What types of device form-factors will win the race for the real estate of our homes – and bodies? #fitnessmirrors #sleeptech #smartapparel

3. Me, Myself and AI: How is artificial intelligence augmenting the relationship we have to our bodies? #femfittech #transhumanism #fitfiction

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8. November 2021
9. November 2021


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