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Holo-Light GmbH

Founded in 2015, Holo-Light specializes in immersive software and technologies for the enterprise market. With ISAR (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality), the company has developed a unique remote rendering software component to stream entire big data AR/VR applications in real time. Holo-Light also provides ARES Pro, a powerful XR software, enabling engineers to work and collaborate on 3D CAD data.

In augmented and virtual reality, the company sees big drivers for the digital transformation across different industries. The cross-platform ISAR SDK allows users to stream their XR applications via powerful local servers or with unlimited cloud resources. ISAR is easy to integrate into third party apps and already empowers Holo-Light´s in-house AR Engineering Software ARES Pro. Due to powerful performance and high security engineers can collaboratively visualize and edit their data-intensive 3D CAD models as holograms regardless of location.


Holo-Light GmbH
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Holo-Light sammelt 5,3 Millionen Euro ein

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Holo-Light will globaler Marktführer für XR-Streaming werden

Das 2015 gegründete XR-Startup Holo-Light entwickelt Technologien rund um industrielle…


Series A-Finanzierung


Holo-Light sammelt 4 Millionen ein

EnBW New Ventures und Bayern Kapital investieren gemeinsam mit Toprope…




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Frisches Kapital für die THEVA GmbH

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Date Investors Amount Round
Sep 2017 Private Investor €300k CONVERTIBLE
May 2018 Innogy Innovation Hub, Private Investor, Future Energy Ventures €1.2m SEED
Dec 2019 Bayern Kapital, Innogy Innovation Hub, EnBW NewVentures €4m SERIES A
Dec 2021 Bayern Kapital, EnBW NewVentures, Future Energy Ventures €5.3m LATE VC
Nov 2022 EUSPA €290k GRANT
Total funding $11.62m


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