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Beer & Tech Meetup


18. Januar 2017
18:30 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr



Welcome to the very first Futurice Munich Beer & Tech meetup! In the first event, we will present some modern web development topics and serve also some beverages and food. More info on the topics below.

Elm in production in practice | Ossi Hanhinen

Functional programming, immutability and strong types have been making their way into the frontend mainstream for a few years now. This talk will give you an idea of what it is like to build web services for customers in Elm, a beautiful little language incorporating all of these concepts. Elm is a language that compiles to JavaScript, but doesn’t carry over much of the semantics. It is well suited for certain kinds of applications, but by no means is it a silver bullet. In this talk, Ossi will also share his personal views on where Elm excels and which cases might call for something else.

Debugging is in Flux | Jarno Rantanen

We’ve all seen the conference demos of time-travel debugging for React and Redux. In this talk Jarno will share practical experiences from applying those capabilities in actual product development.

You will learn RxJS | André Medeiros

Reactive programming with Observables can seem like a hard skill to learn. In this talk you will see Andre live code and explain the basics of RxJS Observables in a way that will demystify the concepts. We will build our own Observable from scratch, as well as our own basic operators, then see why RxJS can easily solve your async events problems.

Strings are hard, let’s go shopping! | Ali Rantakari

The basic idea of a string data structure feels trivial, but the actual implementation details can be fairly complex, which leads to a lot of developers glossing over fundamental issues when handling them. In this talk I will try to give you a useful frame of reference that can help you “know what you don’t know” when the time comes to validate some string manipulation code you might write in the future.


18.30 – Opening & warm up
19.00 – Ossi Hanhinen | Elm in production in practice
19.25 – Break
19.30 – Jarno Rantanen | Debugging is in Flux
19.55 – Break
20.00 – André Medeiros | You will learn RxJS
20.25 – Break
20.30 – Ali Rantakari | Strings are hard, let’s go shopping!
– 22.00 Beer time

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